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Registration of WDumpEvt

License Agreement

WDumpEvt software is Copyright © 1997-2000, Isabelle Vollant.
All rights for this software are reserved by the author.
You are not allowed to modify or reverse engineer the contents of the program files.

WDumpEvt is Shareware. That means you can use it free of charge only for 30 days evaluation period. After that, you must either register your copy product by paying a license fee to the author, or stop using it.
Besides legalizing your usage of WDumpEvt, there're several other reasons to register DumpEvt. Please, see Registration section for more info.

Regardless of your registration status, you're encouraged to distribute unregistered version of WDumpEvt. Registered version cannot be distributed at all.

This software cannot be resold or used in any profit-generating activities, including, but not limited to, distributing WDumpEvt as part of commercial products, or in support of commercial services, without the authors expressed written permission.

There is no warranty or claim of fitness or reliability. The program is distributed AS IS, and the author shall not be held liable for any loss of data, down time, loss of revenue or any other direct or indirect damage or claims caused by this software.


As defined in WDumpEvt license, you must register the product to continue using it after the 30-days evaluation period is over. Registration involves paying a fee of :

$50 FF 250 40 euros For the main program and the service on the same computer. and LogSched on 2 extra computers
$70 FF 350 56 euros For the main program and 5 LogShed
$100 FF 500 80 euros For the main program and 10 LogShed
$10 FF 50 8 euros for each extra computers that you install the LogSched service .
$90 FF 450 72 euros 10 LogShed
$200 FF 1000 160 euros 25 LogShed
$360 FF 1800 288 euros 50 LogSched
$600 FF 3000 480 euros 100 LogSched

Contact me for site licence pricing.

Here's what you get for your money, when you register:

  • Technical support. Provided through e-mail. I'll answer any question about. I'll do my best to solve (or help you to solve) any problems you might have in conjunction with the product.
  • Registration code to stop generating warning message in the application eventlog, and to suppress the sentence at the end of the dump file.


Yaskifo is an registering service where you can registered WDumpEvt and Logsched via a secure server. You can use Yaskifo with a Visa card, Eurocard, Mastercard or American Express. You can choose the currency (US dollar,european money, Yen...), and the interface language :

Use Regsoft if you have another credit card :

Register NOW via a SECURE SERVER at www.RegSoft.COM pack 1 : 1 WDumpEvt and 2 LogShed
pack 2 : 1 WDumpEvt and 5 LogShed
pack 3 : 1 WDumpEvt and 10 LogShed
pack 4-8 : LogShed (don't forget to purchase at least one WDumpEvt licence)

Or send the form with a check to

Isabelle VOLLANT
17 place Lucien Bossoutrot
78140 Vélizy-Villacoublay

email :
Tel : (33) (1) 39 46 27 95

Updated 09/14/2000
© Isabelle Vollant (